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Whether you’re building and developing homes or office spaces, there are many advantages to partnering with Alabama Power as a Managed Trade Ally. Explore our resources to support your next project and learn about the benefits of building all-electric.

Grow and diversify your business by becoming a Managed Trade Ally with Alabama Power.


Builders that build 10 or more homes per year in Alabama Power’s service territory may qualify. All applicants must provide their active state license number and W-9.


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From setting up your account to providing quotes to connecting service, our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is a success. Learn how we work and who you need to contact for each task.

Business Service Center

  • Assists with your request to set up a temporary and/or permanent service account.
  • Uses your W-9 form to set up your new account.
  • Quotes and receives your service account deposit.
  • Assists you with getting information on the status of your service request.
  • Assists with your disconnect service request.

Power Delivery Engineer

  • Contacts you with questions about your project if necessary.Stake review
  • Designs your service job.
  • Quotes your engineering job (where applicable).
  • Receives your engineering payments at the local office.

Local Linemen

  • Receive direction from our Power Delivery team to connect and/or disconnect service to your facility.

Underground Coordinator

  • Coordinates your trenching needs.

Corporate Real Estate

  • Works with you to complete Right-of Way documents (where applicable).

Local Customer Service Representative

  • Processes your engineering payments in the local office.

Benefits of Building an All-Electric Home

To meet growing consumer demand for energy efficiency, more and more contractors are building all-electric. It not only satisfies buyers, it has all kinds of advantages for the builder.

  • Flexible installation. All-electric means you have total flexibility in locating major appliances, heating and air systems and water heaters without worrying about flue placement.
  • Less time and effort. You can completely bypass the time-consuming steps of installing gas piping and flues, hooking up gas and checking for proper installation and venting.
  • Simple inspection. Without piping and flues to inspect, it takes less time for building inspectors to pass your homes for sale.
  • Fast to market. The time you save means you can have each project completed and sold faster – for a faster return on your investment.
  • Efficiency and comfort. Electric Stake app Android|welcome_As and Stake review|welcome_Marathon are an energy-efficient feature that offers year-round comfort to buyers. 

Become a Smart Neighborhood Builder

Learn how you can become a Smart Neighborhood builder.

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Critical Power Outage

You can rest assured we are here 24/7 for your critical power needs.

Report an Outage

How to Avoid Service Delay Issues

Keep your project on track by being prepared with the information needed to complete your specific service request. View what is required for each service we offer.


Account Setup

  • Name of company as shown on your Alabama Power bill
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Type of service requested (temporary, permanent, overhead, underground)
  • 911 Address, City, Zip code
  • Tax ID and W-9 form (new customers or those who haven’t done business with us within the past three years)

You can apply for service up to 45 days in advance.

Temporary & Overhead Service

Please ensure the following:

  • Correct meter height: Meter height must be 4’ – 5’ center of meter socket.
  • Cover on breaker panel: Temporary meter sockets must have cover on the breaker panel. This will be disconnected and re-inspected by local inspection agency in some locations.
  • Proper pole construction: Temporary poles must be solid-treated wood lumber, properly sized according to the Metering Handbook.
  • Temporary meter pole is NOT used for permanent service: For safety reasons, temporary meter poles cannot be used for permanent service.
  • Guy wire(s) are not missing: Guys are required on structure/roof if mast is over 36’.
  • Stable temporary meter pole: Temporary meter pole must be stable.

Permanent Underground Service

Trenching requirements: Electrical inspection is not required prior to trenching request, but the following conditions must be met before making the underground service request:

  • Conduit must be installed 24” below grade up to the meter socket.
  • House footer may be notched to allow the conduit to go straight down or one (1) 45-degree bend may be used to go around the footer.
  • Permanent meter sockets must have a minimum of three straps of conduit.
  • Breakers off – must pass meter check out procedure.


Let our Business Service Specialist know if the meter socket will be relocated.

Inspection Considerations

  • Electrical inspection release must match the 911 address exactly.
  • If the meter is not installed within two business days after inspection, weather permitting, contact the Stake app Android|welcome_affordable.
  • Display the 911 service address in an easily visible location.
  • For temporary service, display address on temporary pole.
  • For permanent service, display the 911 address in two locations: front window and meter socket.

Disconnects & Reconnects

  • Be prepared to share 911 address, meter number or account number.
  • Let our Business Service Specialist know when this service change is needed, allowing up to three business days to complete, weather permitting.

Save money and energy by following our simple energy efficiency tips.

It doesn’t take much to notice a big difference.

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Call our Business Service Center at 1-888-430-5787. We are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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