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A modernized power grid is needed to accommodate the rapid, technological changes happening in electric power as well as improve operational efficiency. We are working to enable these changes through fiber and wireless network expansions.

We work hard to get your lights back on quickly.

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We’re constantly improving our system – and investing in grid technology – so you have power when you need it.

Fewer Outages, Faster Restoration

A modernized grid offers many benefits for customers and utilities alike, including: 

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater situational awareness
  • Automation and control of distributed assets 
  • Improved cybersecurity and resiliency with company-owned and maintained infrastructure
  • Reduced peak loads
  • Lower operational costs, which puts downward pressure on future rates
  • Advances in stake casinoEconomic Development and rural broadband for the state 
  • Increased integration of renewables

As a result of these benefits, there are fewer customer outages and faster restoration when outages do occur. 

Street lights lining a busy road to depict fewer outages, faster restoration
Close up of fiber used by Alabama Power to automate service restoration

Fault Isolation & Service Restoration (FISR)

While we continually seek out ways to strengthen our grid and prevent outages from happening, we are also looking for solutions to restore outages faster and isolate them to fewer customers. FISR is one of those solutions.

FISR is an advanced distribution management system application that utilizes radio-connected line devices for automated service restoration.  Deploying FISR in a fiber-to-distribution area adds increased resiliency and reliability to the automated service restoration.

The Future is Fiber

Fiber has been and will continue to be foundational to our electric grid. stake casinoWe are actively deploying fiber to distribution areas across the communities we serve for its many benefits: faster outage restoration, fewer customers impacted per fault, increased security and enhanced grid device coordination. With fiber, we can build capacity to meet our customers' needs for today and well into the future. 

Closeup shot of Fiber Optic stands used in Alabama Power's electric grid
Smart Neighborhood

Smart Neighborhood

We've partnered with local builders and Chorus SmartSecure to develop smart neighborhoods.

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