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Solar panel farm

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We are transforming the way we power Alabama through the diverse mix of energy sources we use to generate reliable electricity.
A significant part of that mix is derived from clean energy sources, which also reduces our carbon emissions. 

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Clean energy is electricity generated from carbon-free fuel sources. These sources are renewable (solar, hydro and wind) or do not emit carbon during the generation of electricity, like nuclear energy. Each source works differently in contributing to our electric grid. Together, they provide us with many ways to ensure we are meeting our customers’ energy needs today and tomorrow.

Field with Southern Company fleet trucks

Doing the work and making an impact

We founded our business on clean energy and innovation, using hydropower to provide electricity to Alabamians. Since then, we have evolved with the energy industry, exploring new technologies that continue to meet the demands of our customers and strengthen our power grid.

We are committed to growing our clean energy portfolio, generating even more electricity from carbon-free fuel sources. And we are doing that by investing in solar projects, modernizing stake.comour hydroelectric facilities and nuclear plants, adding natural gas plants and educating customers on ways to reduce their energy usage overall.

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How we use clean energy

There are several types of clean energy we use to power our grid. As technology advances, so do our methods of capturing as much energy as we can in a safe and responsible way.

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Clean Energy Programs

Finding ways to use, generate and support clean energy is not just a priority for us. It’s a priority for many of our customers. We offer programs to help our residential and business customers meet their clean energy goals based on their level of commitment and timeline. 

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Soldering connections of Lithium Ion Batteries

Leading Through Innovation

We are focused on advancing energy efficiency and new clean energy technologies, particularly in solar battery units, distributed energy resources and fleet modernization. Through this research, we can continue to provide reliable power and build resiliency in our power grid.  

Contributing to a larger purpose

Our efforts are part of a larger clean energy strategy set forth by our parent company, Southern Company, which includes a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. You can view our progress in the Sustainability Summary.  

Southern Company Sustainability Summary 2022 >

In The News

Catch up on the ways we’re helping build a future of clean energy.