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Knowledge is power. With it, you can make informed decisions to improve your operations, find ways to save money, be more environmentally conscious and protect your assets. Our Field Services team employs environmental scientists, biologists and engineers who are experts in all aspects of environmental studies, field measurements, sampling, instrument verification, data collection, data analysis and reporting. Our team can provide you with the information you need for regulatory compliance, discharge treatment options, asset protection and operational support.

Air Field Services

The monitoring equipment at your facility must be maintained and kept in good working order to ensure it is producing accurate results. We can help by offering air quality testing, instrument and breathing air analysis, ambient air monitoring and any type of CEMS troubleshooting or maintenance assistance. We can assist your facility with Qualified Individual (QI or QSTI) Reference Method Testing for CEMS, mercury CEMS, opacity audits, and flow and temperature profiles.  We also have a NASA-designed wind tunnel for doing S Type or 3D flow probe pitot coefficient testing.  

Water Field Services

There are various environmental regulations in place that can affect your project or facility. They include protecting wetlands and threatened and endangered species, sampling discharge water before returning it to the source, and monitoring the groundwater around your facility. We can provide the surveys, samples and tests you stake casinoneed to meet critical environmental demands.

Compliance Studies

Knowing the chemical composition of water in and around your facility, how it flows and the organisms within it is valuable to the operation of your facility and the protection of its assets. In some cases, it’s also required by regulatory agencies. We can provide you with sampling, water treatment studies, facility flow studies and biological studies so you can make better decisions regarding compliance issues. We can also produce customized reports from lab or engineering analysis data. 

Electronic and Data Services

Interpretation and statistical analysis of large databases can be another valuable tool in understanding and presenting your data. Our data and statistical analysis group offers software solutions, web pages, dashboards, mobile forms and tablet applications for numerous environmental compliance and laboratory requirements. We also offer support with hardware, networks, devices, system management, data back-up and disaster recovery. 

The Competitive Advantage

Our experience and expertise are key reasons why customers call on us, but it’s our personal service that’s unmatched.



Our team employs about 70 staff members who are recognized leaders in environmental field support and analytical testing. They have diverse backgrounds as chemists, biologists, engineers, environmental scientists, and electronic and data specialists.


As subject matter experts in both technical and industrial processes, we have the credentials to back up our experience Stake reviewin all facets of our business.

Laboratory is ISO 17025 compliant and most of the methods used in the water chemistry section are accredited through the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP, Certification ID E571114).

Water Field Group is ISO 17025 compliant and a TNI (The NELAC Institute) accredited Field Sampling and Measurement Organization (FSMO) through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA, certificate #4117.01).

Our Air Field Services team participates in a number of quality management programs including the stationary source audit sample program for Part 60 and Part 63 test programs as well as ASTM D7036 for Part 75 programs.



Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We place a priority on building relationships with each customer and making ourselves easily accessible and available for emergency analytical needs, including after hours and weekends if necessary. It’s that drive that’s earned us a reputation for quick turnaround times and one reason why we continue to receive outstanding customer satisfaction ratings on annual independent surveys.