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Looking for fun and educational ways to keep kids learning and engaged at home? Meet Louie the Lightning Bug. Take advantage of his free interactive activities, designed for the whole family to enjoy.

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Wash Your Hands - Download
Wash Your Hands - Download
Future Energy Expert
Future Energy Expert - Download
Louie's Electric Universe
Louie's Electric Universe - Download
Energy Saving Actions
Energy Saving Actions - Download
Louie The Lighting Bug
Louie The Lightning Bug - Download
Safe-T-Opolis - Download
Safe-T-Zone - Download
Danger Sign
Danger Sign - Download
Line Matching
Line Matching - Download
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2nd - 5th Resources

Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle - Download
Be an Energy Detective
Be an Energy Detective - Download
Energy-Saving Maze
Energy-Saving Maze - Download
Louie Bingo Game
Louie Bingo Game - Download
Math with Louie
Math with Louie - Download
How Energy is Produced
How Energy is Produced - Download
Louie's Scrabble
Louie's Scrabble - Download
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Video Lessons with Louie

Watch as Louie shares safety tips and explains the dangers around electricity.

Louie's Electrical Lessons

Louie's Electrical Lessons

Join Louie the Lightning Bug® and Lenny as they give lessons in electrical safety. 

Stake app AndroidPlay it Safe Around Electricity!

Stake app AndroidPlay it Safe Around Electricity!

Louie the Lightning Bug® explains electrical safety.

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