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Stake app Android We want everyone to be safe – our customers, our employees, our neighbors, and their children.  That is why we have several programs and initiatives to share electrical safety tips.

Electricity does a lot stake casinoof wonderful things and makes our lives easier and more comfortable. However, electricity is powerful and travels at the speed of light.  So, we won’t get a second chance around electricity, and we must always be safe around it.

Would you know what to do:

  • If a power line fell on your vehicle or school bus
  • If a power line fell on your fence
  • If a tree is near a power line
  • If you saw someone getting shocked or electrocuted
  • If you came across downed power lines

If you’re not sure, our safety programs address all this and more!  


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This free virtual program is presented to students in our service territory, showing them how to be safe around electricity and how to avoid hazardous situations. This 45-minute program teaches valuable information that could very well mean the difference between life and death. These safety messages are reinforced in a fun video game called Power Play. Afterwards, classes will receive the game link so the children can access Power Play as often as they like.

Electric Academy

Electric Academy contains many resources for teachers and parents to assist children in learning about electrical safety and energy efficiency. Visit Electric Academy to find links to worksheets, play interactive games and place your order for free electrical safety coloring and activity booklets.

Electric Academy

Learn with Louie

Learn with Louie

stake.comLooking for fun and educational ways to keep kids learning? Meet Louie the Lightning Bug. Take advantage of free interactive activities, designed for the whole family to enjoy.

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Stake app Android


Designed with first responders in mind, this high-voltage program uses 14,400 volts of electricity to demonstrate potential dangers of overhead and underground power lines.

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