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Electricity is all around us. It’s an important and essential part of our lives. But because it’s so fast and powerful, we don’t get a second chance. That’s why it’s so critical to be safe the first time. Because with electricity, there are no second chances. 

In-Home Safety

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Learn the important safety measures to take along with information on appliance safety, energy theft, circuits, wiring and GFCIs.

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Public Safety Awareness

Public Safety Awareness

Electricity is all around us. It makes our lives easier and more comfortable. It’s so integrated into our lives; we may forget how powerful of a force it can be. Since it’s so powerful and fast, it’s crucial to know what to do to keep safe around it.

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Trees and Rights of Way

We trim trees and manage our rights of way to protect stake casinothe safety of our customers and our employees and to keep your electric service among the most reliable in the industry. 

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Power Lines

Power Line Safety

Learn the basic rules about power line safety.

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