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Clean Energy Select

Power Your Home with More Clean Energy

Clean Energy Select is a program by Alabama Power that helps you cover all or part of your home’s electric usage with clean energy sources. It’s easy and affordable. Simply purchase our Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and enjoy 100% certified clean energy sourced from one of our two Alabama solar projects or two wind farms in Kansas and Oklahoma. 
We also add the cost of RECs to your normal power bill. So that means all you have to do is sign up, sit back and stake.comrelax. Whether you want to start with the Signature plan or customize your own, the choice to power your home with clean energy sources has never been simpler.

Stake app Android


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4,000 kWh of wind RECs

Potential Impact:

Your $5 is the equivalent to powering 100 electric vehicles for 100 miles. 


(in addition to regular power bill)

8,000 kWh of solar and wind RECs

Potential Impact:

Your $10 has the same environmental benefit as planting 155 trees.


(in addition to regular power bill)

12,000 kWh of Solar RECs

Potential Impact: 

Your contribution could power an average home with renewable energy.

Customize your plan

Match your exact usage with your desired amount of renewable energy at a cost that fits your needs. 

windmills and solar panels

Why Clean Energy Select?

Clean Energy Select is the easiest and most affordable way to support clean, renewable energy. When you join Clean Energy Select, you’re helping the environment by reducing emissions from traditional energy sources. You’re also stimulating economic growth by helping to create renewable energy jobs. The best part? You can make a real impact without installing expensive home equipment.

Our Impact

Since our launch, Clean Energy Select supporters have used over 56,000,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy. Talk about a low-carbon future!

That's equal to reducing carbon emissions from:
electric car icon
62,102,690 miles driven stake app reviewby an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle
mobile phone icon
2,946,827,284 smart phones charged and ready to go
house icon
4,714 homes’ energy use for one full calendar year
And the equivalent environmental benefit of...
trees icon
400,567 tree seedlings grown over the span of 10 years
lightbulb icon
918,163 incandescent lamps switched to LEDs 
recycling icon
1,048,607 trash bags of waste recycled instead of landfilling

*Calculated using EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator