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Stake review

Finding ways to use, generate and support clean energy is not just a priority for us. It’s also a priority for many of our customers. We offer programs for both residential and business customers to achieve their clean energy goals, based on their commitment and timeline.

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stake.comWe can tailor any program to best fit your clean energy goals.


Our programs range in cost, so you can choose what works for your budget.


We have programs and solutions to meet your clean energy goals and needs, both for your home and business. 

Expert Service

Our Renewables team will help you find the best fit, making the process easy and convenient for you.

Clean Energy Select

The electric grid gets energy from different resources, including renewable ones like wind and solar power. Once power enters the grid, it becomes disconnected from its original source. Therefore, it is impossible to know where your power comes from. By joining Clean Energy Select, you can say that some or all of your energy comes from renewable sources.

Clean Energy Select allows you to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs), which represent energy generated from clean energy sources. When you purchase RECs, you are helping support renewable energy development. Whether you’re a residential or business customer, or both, you may choose from several plans within the program. The plan you select is added to your monthly power bill, so you enjoy the convenience of a single monthly payment.

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More Clean Energy Solutions for Businesses

Larger commercial and industrial businesses can also create an impact by subscribing to large-scale Stake app Androidprojects that generate clean energy, which will flow into the power grid. You can support these projects and buy RECs to get clean energy credit for the power you use in your business. These projects are longer term commitments, so you can meet both your current clean energy goals and your company’s future goals.

Support Projects
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Energy Efficiency Programs

Another way to reduce carbon emissions is by using less energy overall. We have tools and solutions to help you do just that. Plus, you can save money on your monthly power bill.

Use Less Energy