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Supporting New Wireless Network and Smart Cities Technology in Alabama

Alabama Power is an integral partner to communications service providers, aiding Stake app Androidwith their expansion efforts across the state. Our varied infrastructure, which includes lighting, transmission towers, telecom towers and land lease for build-to-suit, provides the necessary structures to support your company’s 5G build-out and wireless network reconfiguration. This technology serves an important role in increasing economic development and improving the wireless coverage for Smart City innovation.

We also support cities and municipalities in their efforts to develop smart cities by offering access to our vertical real estate for Wi-Fi, meter reading, traffic control and other sensors. 

Our fleet of telecom towers presents an alternative to the traditional tower companies and offers attractive terms and rates.  

Our transmission structures provide an attractive solution for colocation in challenging areas, where few options exist to develop new colocation towers. Transmission colocation also presents an opportunity to replace higher cost sites while reducing long-term operating costs.

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Interested in learning more about how our Telecom Location and Leasing Program can assist you? We stand ready to assist your needs.

Our Custom Platform Accelerates All Stages of the Colocation Process

  • Stake reviewOnline customer portal provides easy access for requesting colocation on our various types of vertical real estate

  • Online GIS mapping displays all available Alabama Power infrastructure and land assets

  • Tools support wireless communication companies' network design efforts

  • Provides ability to track process flows and expedite speed to market

Our Colocation Infrastructure by the Numbers