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Stake review

Stake review

Stake review

Clean Transportation

Realizing the benefits of electric transportation depends on a strong infrastructure. Through the Make Ready Program, you can apply for rebates on the make ready infrastructure required Stake reviewto support electric transportation charging and connection systems at your company’s facilities.

Make ready infrastructure refers to the electrical infrastructure required to support electric vehicle charging equipment behind your meter and up to, but not including the charger. We will provide rebates for customers on charging infrastructure that meet eligibility requirements. Customers are responsible for installation, operation, and maintenance of charging infrastructure behind the customer meter.

*Program terms and conditions apply. The Alabama Power Make Ready program has limited funds available. The open application period will depend on budget availability. If you have questions or are interested in turnkey EV charger installation services, contact our Business Service Center at 1-888-430-5787 or complete the Contact an ET expert form.

To ensure you have what you need, please review our checklist before you start your application process.

How the program works:

Alabama Power’s Make Ready Program is designed to provide rebates to customers for installing electric chargers at their facilities. Customers are responsible for installation, operation and maintenance of charging infrastructure behind the customer meter.

  1. Initial Application. Once you've submitted an application, provided the necessary documents, and uploaded them, we will review the application and reach out with any questions. Expect a turnaround period of up to 60 days after application submission.  

  2. Construction. You will work with your electrical contractor to obtain required permits, perform necessary electrical infrastructure work and install the chargers.

  3. Rebate Application. Upon completion of construction, you will complete the rebate application by uploading pictures of the installed and in-service chargers.

  4. Site Verification. We will visit your site to verify charger installation is complete and ensure accessibility to your charging data.

  5. Payment. We will process the rebate and send payment to the provided address.

Applications for the Make Ready rebate program will be available on January 5, 2024. This application window will remain open until funding is no longer available. Customers requesting rebates to be awarded in 2024 must complete construction by December 1, 2024.


The following tiered rebates are based on the qualified chargers installed.

Charger Type

Minimum Power Rating

Rebate per Port*

Minimum Port
Installations per Site

Maximum Port
Installations per Site

Maximum Rebates per Applicant per Calendar Year

Level 2

6.6 kW






20 kW






50 kW






100 kW






150 kW





*Port refers to the number of vehicles charging simultaneously.

Eligible Technologies

Passenger vehicle Passenger vehicle
Transit bus Transit bus
Transport Refrigeration Unit Transport Refrigeration Unit
Forklift Forklift
School bus School bus
Fleet vehicles Fleet vehicles
Refuse Truck Refuse Truck
Delivery trucks Delivery trucks
Airport ground support equipment Airport ground support equipment
Airport baggage delivery Airport baggage delivery

Ensure you have what you need:

Review our checklist before you apply.  

For charger selection support, please see EPRI’s Vetted Product List.

Checklist Business Site Information

  • Alabama Power account number (if already established)
  • Business name and address
  • Contact information
  • Federal tax ID number

Checklist Site Specification

  • Is the site an existing facility or new construction?
    • If new, what is the current stage of construction?
  • What type of property/facility is the site? (i.e., commercial, mass transit, industrial, etc.)
  • How many electric vehicle charging ports are currently installed at the site?
  • Where do you plan to install the chargers?

Checklist Type of Charger

  • What is the quantity, power output, manufacturer and model of the Level 2 (AC) chargers that will be installed (if applicable)?
  • What is the quantity, power output, manufacturer and model of the DC fast chargers that will be installed (if applicable)?
  • How will the chargers be used (public, employee, customers, fleet, off-road, etc.)?

Checklist Project Assessment

  • When do you plan on having the chargers installed?
  • Has an installer been identified?
  • Does the site have adequate panel and transformer capacity to support the installation?
  • Has a certified electrician performed a site assessment? 
  • Do you plan to separately meter the charging station loads?

Find out how we can help your business

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