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Alabama Power fleet trucks with field workers

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Our crews hit the ground running 24/7 to help deliver power for a better Alabama. And when we think of ways to support our environment, that includes our vehicle fleet. We’re taking proactive steps to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner future.

We are committed to continuously improving our vehicle fleet to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, reduce tailpipe emissions and support environmental initiatives. As part of stake casinoour fleet modernization efforts, we have begun transitioning to electric and hybrid light-duty vehicles, which offer lower fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact while meeting the needs of our customers. We are also investing in telematics technology to monitor vehicle performance, optimize maintenance intervals and increase fuel efficiency. 

Transitioning to EVs

Electric vehicle technology provides operational efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and lowers tailpipe emissions for our fleet. We are testing and evaluating a variety of BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) and PHEVs (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles) in our light-duty fleet to perform our day-to-day operations.

Alabama Power Electric vehicle fleet truck charging at EV station
Alabama bucket truck in the field

Investing in fleet technology

Electric Power Takeoff (ePTO) technology plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency and sustainability of our vehicle fleet. By automatically monitoring and reducing engine-running time, this technology helps minimize fuel consumption and emissions. 

How it works

ePTO systems can be programmed to allow the mounted equipment on our trucks to operate while the truck engine is shut off. Additionally, these systems prevent unnecessary fuel usage, reduce engine wear and tear, limit equipment noise and can lower maintenance costs. This technology Stake app Androidalso helps improve air quality by reducing exhaust emissions, contributing to a healthier environment for communities where our vehicles operate.

Fleet of Alabama Power Utility Trucks on a street
line worker standing by fleet truck

In-house technician training

Alabama Power continues to invest in and enhance its fleet technician training program, keeping our team members up to date on the latest vehicle technology advancements. We are leading the way in industry training on battery electric vehicles and are at the forefront of workforce development in the EV space. Well-trained technicians reduce downtime and increase productivity, to better serve you, our customers.