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We offer more than 60 pricing options to meet the differing needs of our customers. One of them is bound to be right for your business. If you have questions, please Stake reviewcontact us. We'll be happy to explain your bill, your pricing, and even make suggestions about ways to save you money.

Demand Pricing

The most common pricing option for commercial and industrial customers is demand pricing. Choose demand pricing and your energy cost will be comprised of two components: a demand charge based on the amount of electrical capacity you need and an energy charge for the power you use. Demand pricing options are available for medium-size business customers, manufacturing customers and general, large business customers.

Time-of-Use Pricing

Under the TOU energy pricing option, the price of electricity depends on the time, the day and the season. This option offers great deals when demand is low. TOU prices can save you money if you move your energy consumption to off-peak and intermediate-peak hours.

Shifting your energy usage to off-peak hours helps us keep electricity prices low too. Customers who shift electricity to intermediate and off-peak hours reduce the need to build additional power plants or buy power from other suppliers, helping keep prices low for all our customers.

Real-Time Pricing

RTP options offer industrial customers, with a minimum billing capacity requirement of 3,000 kW, electricity prices on an hourly basis. Pricing signals allow you to make the most economical use of your energy resources - you can cut your energy costs by reducing consumption when the hourly price is high. Seasonal aspects also affect electricity prices of RTP customers.

Miscellaneous Pricing Options

Pricing options, such as agriculture service, farm service, cotton gins and peanut drying, Stake reviewhelp keep the cost of electricity affordable for Alabama businesses.

Which pricing structure is right for you?

The determination of which pricing structure is right for your business is based on the nature of your business and the billing history of your business location.

If you have questions about the pricing structure applied to your business, or for information about ways you can save on your energy bill, contact us. We'll explain your bill, make suggestions on ways you can save and send you more information.