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Southern Living Inspired Communities and Alabama Power present Positive Energy, a podcast where we share style tips to refresh your home, energy savings tips to help your wallet, and life tips that make you a better you.

Positive Energy

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What do heating and cooling systems and the human body have in common? They both need to be maintained throughout the year to operate at their best. This episode, we’re talking with Chase Fowler, an HVAC expert and territory manager with Air Engineers about heating and cooling systems. It can be easy to overlook, but the smartest approach to your HVAC is to keep up maintenance along the way. Find out more about how you can maintain comfort all year, especially in the South. Similarly, many of us forget to check in on ourselves and focus on the condition of us. Peggy Keebler, a certified personal trainer and owner of PK Fitness offers insights on how physiological and mental balance impact our wellbeing. Find tips on starting small and we can maintain our personal Stake app Androidwellness, healthy bodies and mobility year-round. 

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Episode 7: What to Do in Any Hot Water Situation

This episode, we’re diving into the topic of hot water – both at home and metaphorically in our relationships. How much do you know about your water heater? Expert Jerry Winslett, a Senior Technical Advisor at A. O. Smith will walk us through tips to save money and energy at home, and also what to look for when shopping for a new water heater. Additionally, Dondra Goldsby, licensed family therapist with Resilient Life joins us to coach us through navigating relationships and conversations when things get heated, providing steps and resources for conflict resolution.  

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Episode 6: The Light in Us and the Lighting Around Us

Light – it’s all around us and has the power to transform our space and our lives. Lighting is an easy, low-cost way to upgrade any room, and can positively impact energy savings too. This episode renowned lighting company Regina Andrew Detroit experts James Andrew Slaven, co-founder and CEO and Jim Bonomo, COO breakdown LEDs vs. incandescent bulbs, and share lighting design tips. But what about the light within us? Suzanne Martin, corporate consultant and life coach with Transform. Shares the power of gratitude practice in elevating our moods and helping us shine a little brighter for a more balanced, harmonious lifestyle.

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Ep 5: How to Make Your Laundry Room Fun

In this episode, we take on everyone’s favorite chore – laundry. For a task that takes up so much time and energy, how can we make it more enjoyable and streamline for savings? Sarah Lindsey of Sarah Lindsey Design talks about turning your laundry room into a space that is fun, functional and infused with your Stake app Androidpersonal style. We’ll also talk with David Wilson, Senior Commercial Director, Clothes Care at GE Appliances, who shares easy steps and washer/dryer hacks that will help you save money and time. With these expert tips, you may be surprised how easy and fun your next load of laundry will be.

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Episode 4: Insulating Your Life  

How much of an impact does insulation make in your home? A big difference. In this episode, we talk with Bryan Verschoor, senior product manager at Johns Manville about how proper insulation can set up your home for higher energy efficiency and your own comfort levels from season to season. While we talk about layering materials at home, we also dive into how clothing and layering can help set up our person for more comfort and style with Abbey Glass, fashion designer, founder and creative director of Georgia-based womenswear Abbey Glass. 

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Episode 3: How We’re Getting Inspired in the Kitchen

What makes the kitchen the heart of the home? The busiest and most popular room of the house, kitchens serve many functions from cooking and eating to storing and gathering. While a lot of energy is used in the kitchen, there are many ways we can change our habits and our appliances to maximize efficiency. As new design trends and technology emerge, we discuss ways to design a room fit for your family and cut energy costs at the same time. 

In Segment 1, we’ll hear about emerging trends in kitchen design, and quick tips for maximizing your space with Owner of Cantley & Co, Cyndy Cantley, ASID, CKD. In Segment 2, Ga-Young Park, Energy Star Appliances Manager demystifies energy efficiency in appliances. Not only can homeowners buy EnergyStar rated appliances for higher efficiency, we can change how we use them and place them in our homes to gain more savings. 

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Episode 2: How to Best Treat Our Windows

There’s more to your Stake app Androidhome’s windows than meets the eye. Believe it or not, a lot of factors determine the best type of window for your home, and how they can save on energy costs. In Segment 1, we talk window coverings and design with Sarah Lindsey, owner and lead designer of Sarah Lindsey Design. Then, Bryan Warring, a Pella product manager and windows expert shares the materials and products for your home, creating bigger savings.

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Episode 1: When Our Thermostats Lead to Thermospats 

One of the best ways to save on home energy costs is to keep an eye on the temperature. Even with new programmable and smart thermostat technologies, disputes still happen between people about what temperature is most comfortable at home. We call these quarrels, thermospats. In Segment 1 we talk to Dondra Goldsby, a marriage and family therapist, about how to enhance our relationships. In Segment 2, we learn all thermostats themselves from Tyson Brown, manager of strategic partnerships at Google. 

Resources: Stake app Android|welcome_a top priorityGoogle Nest ThermostatsDondra Goldsby, Resilient Life Counseling

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