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Alabama Power is constructing thousands of miles of new fiber on its electrical system to support grid modernization efforts for greater grid reliability, resiliency, and security. Alabama Power is seeking to utilize available fiber to support cost-effective deployments by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). There are areas in Alabama today that do not have broadband access, which can be enabled by an ISP partner network. The Alabama Power and ISP combined fiber network can assist stake.comin closing the digital divide.

Stake review

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Limited Access

44% of serviceable locations in Alabama are in underserved or unserved territories for broadband access.

Broadband Money - Alabama Broadband Audit.

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Internet Speeds

1 in 10 Alabama residents are not able to buy an internet plan of at least 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds.

Broadband Now Alabama.

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Economic Impact

Providing rural broadband in Alabama directly added $242M to the GDP and 1,014 jobs in 2015.

The Economic Impact of Rural Broadband by Hudson Institute.

Alabama Power Partnership Model

Fiber to Distribution Model

Alabama Power is deploying long haul fiber (on the transmission network between cities) and distribution fiber (constructed in rings around cities) along its electrical infrastructure. ISP utilizes our fiber infrastructure to build and own last mile (fiber from the neighborhood to the premise) fiber connections that lead to service for end users.

Our Fiber Availability

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Alabama Making Progress in Broadband

What is the current state of broadband connectivity in Alabama and what will it be in the future? When will Alabama have high-speed internet statewide?

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Fiber Availibility Within Our Territory

Alabama Power is building fiber across our service territory. We are open to partnership conversations anywhere within our electric footprint.

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Why Partner With Alabama Power?

  • Stake review through unique, flexible and sustainable pricing solutions.
  • Reduce time to deployment by utilizing Alabama Power's existing infrastructure and rights-of-ways.
  • Develop a utility grade, reliable and resilient network for end users.
  • Provide affordable services for more rural customers, aligning with the ISP business model.
  • Propose Alabama Power's middle mile network as part of upcoming broadband grant applications to help meet cost match requirements.

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