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Safety is our top priority every day, but even more so during a storm. This means your safety and that of our crews. Learn how to keep you and your family safe and prepared for any type of storm.

Flash flooding on a street in a city

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Flash flooding is the No. 1 weather-related killer in the United States. Flooding can occur after just minutes of heavy rainfall. Floods may happen anywhere and at any time. 

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About 100,000 thunderstorms occur yearly in the United States. Only 10 percent are severe, but all can produce lightning, strong winds, hail, tornadoes and heavy rain. 

Tips to Remember

  • Be alert. If rain lasts several hours or days, there’s a chance of flooding. Listen to local radio or TV stations and NOAA weather radio for watch/warning bulletins.
  • Know your area’s flood risk.
  • Watch for rising water levels. Quickly go to high ground if you see or hear rapidly rising water.
  • Never attempt to walk or drive through flowing water. Water may appear shallow, but flooding can wash out deep holes or sweep people away. Most flood deaths occur in automobiles, often when drivers attempt to cross flooded places.
  • Keep an emergency supply kit in your car if you cannot avoid driving. Be extra careful driving and remain aware of your surroundings.
  • If your vehicle stalls, abandon it and go to higher ground immediately.
  • Stake app AndroidBe especially cautious at night. Darkness can hide flood dangers.

Learn the Lingo

Knowing the following terms will help you better prepare for a flood.  

  • FLOOD/FLASH FLOOD WATCH – Alerts the public to rain that could cause flash flooding. Be prepared for floods.  

  • FLOOD/FLASH FLOOD WARNING – Alerts the public to flash flooding that is happening or about to happen. Move to safe ground immediately. 

Tips to Remember

  • Stay aware. Watch for approaching storms and tune in to a weather radio for 24/7 updates from the National Weather Service.
  • Check the weather forecast before heading outdoors or on the roads. Postpone outdoor activities when thunderstorms are forecasted.
  • Outdoor pets should be brought inside before the storm hits.
  • Take safe shelter immediately inside a sturdy building, away from windows, doors and electrical appliances.
  • Avoid contact with conductors of electricity, appliances, metal objects and water.
  • Get out of boats and away from water. Find a low spot (but not one that will flood) away from trees, fences and poles.
  • If you are in the woods, take shelter under shorter trees.
  • If lightning strikes close by, make yourself the smallest possible target and minimize your contact with the ground. Squat low on the balls of your feet. Put your hands on your knees. Place your head between your knees.
  • Don’t shower or bathe during the storm.
  • Turn off air conditioners since power surges can overload them.
  • Avoid landline telephones and unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances, telephone lines and metal pipes, which conduct electricity. 

Learn the Lingo

Knowing the following terms will help you better prepare for when a thunderstorm does happen.  

  • stake casino– Alerts the public to when and where severe thunderstorms are likely to occur.

  • SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING – Alerts the public to storms reported by spotters or appearing on radar. 
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