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Your goals of operating a large commercial or industrial business in a sustainable way can feel intimidating, but we can help you achieve those goals through subscription opportunities for future clean energy projects.

Your company can create an impact by subscribing to large-scale projects, like building solar plants in Alabama. These projects generate clean energy, which flows into the power grid. We work with business customers who want to either subscribe to existing projects or future projects and those who are interested in developing their own. When you support the creation or expansion of new clean energy resources, you can claim "additionality." This means your business is supporting innovation and helping pave the way for a clean energy future.

Stake app AndroidSubscription benefits include:

No Upfront Capital Costs

By subscribing to a project, you avoid the upfront investment and typical costs associated with owning and operating solar panels.

Sustainability Leadership

Your company can share in the story of the creation of a clean energy project. That’s a powerful story to share.

Future Gains

Subscribing to a renewable project of this size is a longer term commitment, typically 15 years with an associated monthly subscription. The project could help your company meet your current as well as future sustainability goals with the clean energy it produces, and the associated Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). (Learn more about RECs for businesses below.)

If you’re interested in learning more about supporting new clean energy projects, contact our Customer Renewables Team at 205-257-1600 or 205-257-1601.

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Purchasing RECs for businesses

Our Clean Energy Select program is another way your business can support the production of clean energy. The program allows you to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs), which represent energy generated from renewable sources like solar and wind. 

The electric grid is a mix of energy coming in from all sources. With RECs, you can support clean energy efforts and feel assured some or all your power is coming from renewable resources. There are several plans to choose from for your business. The plan you select is Stake reviewadded to your monthly power bill, so you enjoy the convenience of a single monthly payment.  

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Businesses making an impact

Read how other large businesses are subscribing to clean energy projects, utilizing RECs and making an impact.