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Alabama is a beautiful place with extraordinary natural resources. Protecting those resources while providing reliable, affordable electricity for our customers is at the heart of our company's mission.

We work to minimize our environmental impact while preserving the environment and strengthening the communities in which we live, work and serve. To help us get there, we invest in clean energy resources, research and development and eco-stewardship.

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We founded our business on clean energy and innovation, utilizing hydropower to provide electricity to Alabamians. Since then, we have evolved with the energy industry, exploring new technologies that continue to strengthen our power grid and meet the demands of our customers. As a result, our portfolio of energy sources has also evolved over the years.

More than one-third of the electricity that serves our customers comes from clean fuel sources – primarily hydro and nuclear. Between 2007 and 2022, we successfully decreased carbon emissions by 36%. We are continuously working to further reduce emissions now and into the future, as we provide customers with reliable energy.

2010 Alabama Power Energy Mix: 62% Coal, 18% Nuclear, 15% Gas & Oil, 5% Hydro
2022 Alabama Power Energy Mix: 30% Clean Energy (20% Nuclear, 7% Hydro, 3% other), 41% Coal, 29% Natural Gas

*Other represents solar, wind and other non-carbon-emitting generating sources. With respect to such generation, Alabama Power generally has the right to serve customers with the energy and associated renewable Stake reviewenergy certificates (RECs) to use the energy and/or RECs for clean energy programs, or to sell to third parties for the benefit of customers.

Doing the work

As we shift our portfolio to more clean energy resources, we are also working to modernize our hydroelectric and nuclear facilities, investing in solar projects, adding natural gas plants and educating customers on ways to reduce their energy usage.

As of 2023:

  • The Alabama Public Service Commission approved six solar projects for our business customers, who are seeking clean energy for their sustainability goals.
  • Third-party contractors were hired to start construction on two solar projects in 2024, which will also create jobs in Alabama. 
  • We converted nine coal plants to natural gas plants.
  • Six coal units remain out of 23 that were operating in 2010.

Overall, we own or operate nearly 80 electric generating units and 26 facilities with a total peak capacity of more than 14 million kilowatts to power 1.5 million customers.|welcome_energy savings

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Environmental Stewardship

Take a closer look at how we intentionally work to support our environment in everything we do.

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Invested in Alabama's air quality

Throughout the years, we have employed several techniques and made significant investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1996, Alabama Power has reduced nitrogen emissions by 91% and sulfur emissions by 99%. We have invested more than $1 billion since the early 2000s in environmental improvements. Every day, our employees are helping to improve Alabama’s air quality.

Breathe Easier
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Reducing emissions through fleet modernization

Our crews hit the ground running seven days a week stake casinoto help deliver power for a better Alabama. And when we think of ways to support our environment, that includes our vehicle fleet. We are transitioning to electric and hybrid light-duty vehicles as well as investing in technology to increase fuel efficiency. We are taking proactive steps to minimize our carbon footprint in all areas of our work.

Driving a Cleaner Fleet
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Renew Our Rivers

Started by Alabama Power employees in 2000, Renew Our Rivers (ROR) is now one of the largest river cleanup programs in the United States, and volunteers have removed more than 16 million pounds of trash from Southeastern waterways.

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Contributing to a larger purpose

Our efforts are part of a larger clean energy strategy set forth by our parent company, Southern Company, which includes a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. You can view our progress in the Sustainability Summary.  

Southern Company Sustainability Summary 2022 >