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We were founded on innovation, and technology continues to inspire us to think of energy in new ways. We use technology to enhance the electric grid to maintain our high reliability rate and improve resiliency to benefit all customers. We also utilize the latest advancements to think beyond just delivering power. From providing solutions that boost energy efficiency to developing new services and programs that can improve businesses and communities, we use innovation to power a better Alabama.

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A modernized power grid Stake reviewis needed to accommodate the rapid technological changes happening in electric power as well as improve operational efficiency. We are working to enable these changes through fiber and wireless network expansions.

Improve Efficiency
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The Future is Fiber

Fiber has been and will continue to be foundational to our electric grid. We are actively deploying fiber to distribution areas across the communities we serve for its many benefits: faster outage restoration, fewer customers impacted per fault, increased security and enhanced grid device coordination. With fiber, we can build capacity to meet our customers' needs for today and well into the future. 

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Alabama Power is committed to making smart investments for Alabama’s energy future. To ensure we continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to our 1.5 million customers, we’re strengthening electric dependability by replacing certain overhead power lines and equipment with underground lines. 

Enhancing Service
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Electric Transportation

Whether it’s installing charging stations for businesses and cities or discussing the benefits EVs offer, we’re helping drive progress. 

Driving Progress

Rural Programming

We believe every Alabamian deserves access to high-speed internet. Currently, nearly one million Alabamians do not have access to broadband service. Of stake casinothat total, 83 percent reside in rural areas of the state. Through our infrastructure and power grid, we are working with those communities and internet carriers to provide opportunities for equal digital access and better quality of life.  

Accelerating Alabama Tech Ecosystems

We support building scalable, tech-based companies while creating jobs across communities in which we service. Through the advancement of accelerator programs, corporate partnership engagement and support for tech ecosystems, we seek to recruit, develop and retain innovation that will transform Alabama’s economy and revolutionize industries.​