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Alabama Power and our employees are committed to preserving the beauty, richness and diversity of our state’s natural landscape.

We are proud Alabama is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the nation, with more freshwater flowing through it than any other state in the Stake app Androidcontinental United States. We strive to protect those resources – in the field, in our communities and in the way we serve our customers.

Every day our biologists and environmental scientists contribute time and expertise to protect wildlife and collect data that contributes to scientific knowledge of Alabama’s natural heritage. Our employees provide leadership in their communities by serving nonprofits focused on conservation and volunteering with river cleanup events as part of the Renew Our Rivers campaign.

As one of the largest managers of land and water resources in the state, we aim to strengthen wildlife habitat and protect river ecosystems. We partner with federal, state and local organizations on stewardship and conservation through research, management and education initiatives.

We know that today’s stewardship efforts are an investment in our common future.

Alabama Wild Power

Alabama Wild Power

We offer a program that helps property owners with transmission lines crossing their lands develop a conservation plan to protect wildlife habitats along those rights-of-way.

Alabama Wild Power

Air Quality

Every day our employees are helping to improve Alabama’s air quality. Our 6,900 employees who live and work in the state are committed to improving air quality by consistently meeting and surpassing the standards set by the federal government to protect human health and the environment and implementing a vigorous compliance and auditing program.

Species Diversity

Habitat & Species Diversity

We continue taking steps to protect and enhance critical species habitat that contributes to our state’s extraordinary biodiversity.



We understand the complexity of environmental stewardship and work to develop partnerships with federal, state and local organizations.

Environmental Permits

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We encourage businesses to join us in developing Stake reviewAlabama’s economy. When starting a new project, it is necessary to work with state and local officials to ensure you have acquired the appropriate permits. Permits help to assure for all citizens of Alabama a safe, healthful, and productive environment.

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Outdoor Spaces

We take pride in protecting our state’s natural beauty, richness and diversity by supporting the creation and conservation of important outdoor spaces, parks and preserves.

Outdoor Spaces

Mobile Bay

In May 2018, we partnered with The Nature Conservancy to lead the charge in rebuilding Mobile Bay. We provided resources and manpower to build reefs in the brackish waters off Helen Wood Park to restore and protect the shoreline from erosion and to boost habitats for fish, birds and wildlife in that area.

Outdoor Spaces

Little River Canyon National Preserve

The Little River Canyon National Preserve near Fort Payne is one of the most important natural and cultural resources in our state. In 1995, we transferred 8,580 acres to the National Park System to help create this preserve.

Outdoor Spaces

Greenways and Blueways

Across the state, trail systems are being developed to connect communities and encourage active and healthy living. We have supported a number of these important projects, including the Alabama Scenic River TrailCahaba Blueway ProjectMontgomery waterfront parks and Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System.

Outdoor Spaces

Railroad Park, Red Mountain Park and Ruffner Mountain Nature Center

Alabama Power helped support Birmingham’s three-park initiative, which was the catalyst behind the creation of Railroad ParkRed Mountain Park and improvements at Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. The company and the Alabama Power Foundation also has supported numerous parks, greenway and blueway projects across the state. 

Outdoor Spaces

Stake app AndroidSplinter Hill Bog Preserve

Stake app AndroidSplinter Hill Bog Preserve in Baldwin County includes hundreds of acres of longleaf pine and bog habitats in the headwaters of Perdido River. We partner with Southern Company, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and The Nature Conservancy through the Longleaf Stewardship Fund program to assist in the creation and restoration of longleaf pine forests in the preserve.

Outdoor Spaces

Muddy Creek Wetlands Management Area

The Muddy Creek Wetlands Management Area is a 200-acre wetland in Theodore that opened to the public in 2003. We partnered with the State Port Authority to restore the native wetland ecosystem and create an outdoor space for environmental education, wildlife observation and passive recreation.

Renewable Energy

Clean Energy

We are transforming the way we power Alabama through the diverse mix of energy sources we use to generate reliable electricity.  A big part of that mix is from clean energy sources.|welcome_Download
Water Management

Hydroelectric Power

As one of the largest water managers in the state, we devote great effort to preserving the environment by mindfully managing its water resources.

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