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Our representatives work closely with PowerSecure, a technology company focused on distributed energy systems, to offer industrial customers like you additional energy- and money-saving services, including:

stake casinoInteractive Distributed Generation (IDG) Power Systems

IDG Power systems harness custom technology to deliver highly efficient on-site power and protect business operations with backup power when grid power is interrupted. IDG systems provide long-lasting value to industrial customers through the use of proprietary technology including:

  • stake app review—24/7 monitoring and intelligent control systems
  • NexGear Technology—Advanced switchgear and electronic controls
  • PowerBlock Technology—The most robust power generation system in the industry
  • PowerControl Technology—Proprietary software providing unmatched control
  • PowerSecure Solar Technology—Efficient photovoltaic power systems

Energy Efficiency

PowerSecure Lighting offers a variety of proprietary LED lighting solutions that reduce energy costs and help benefit the environment. PowerSecure Energy Efficiency Services (EES) provides comprehensive project development and implementation services.

Utility Infrastructure

Serving utilities and large industrial customers with a full line of capabilities, including transmission and distribution system construction and maintenance, substation design and construction, lighting upgrades and emergency storm restoration.

  • PowerServices—Design, planning, management and financial services, including specialized consulting services for complex utility acquisition, regulatory and rate design projects
  • ENCARI—NERC CIP compliance, cyber security, industrial control system and SCADA system cyber security

For questions on how PowerSecure can help you, contact our Stake app Android|welcome_affordable to speak to one of our energy experts.